Extending Your Care Beyond the Clinic™

A digital platform for musculoskeletal (MSK) providers to deliver hybrid care.

The Power of Hybrid Care

Hybrid care is a seamless and efficient blend of onsite and remote services, powered by technology, to optimize care delivery. Our platform enables this approach, providing significant benefits:

  • Expanded Access

    Strengthen connections with patients by providing access to your expert care between visits.

  • Improved Adherence

    Attain >80% adherence rates through more convenient and accessible care.

  • Bolstered Outcomes

    Higher adherence results in enhanced clinical and financial outcomes across multiple care models.

An illustration that shows hybrid care - a patient onsite and then engaged at home with the includeHealth MSK
A mobile phone, laptop and tablet feature screens from the MSK-OS from IncludeHealth

Personalized, Measured Care on Any Device.

Our HIPAA compliant and FDA-registered platform pairs clinical care with accessibility to extend care into homes.

It enables providers to deliver high-quality, interactive, and data-driven care—anytime, anywhere.

Powered by computer vision, AI, and machine learning - our platform is web-based and runs on phones, tablets, and laptops.

No sensors, downloads, or even passwords are required.

Partners and Accolades

Internationally Awarded and Trusted by Global Leaders.

In collaboration with world-leading health systems, health plans, payers, and technology companies, we’re at the forefront of the digital care revolution.

Technologically advanced and clinically validated, our digital health platform has earned over 40 international awards and counting.

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“I will attest to a superior patient compliance and experience. IncludeHealth has been a terrific partner extending MSK care beyond the clinic walls. I am happy to connect with anyone looking to inquire.”

Alex Bendersky
Executive Director Digital Health
Doctors of Physical Therapy

"Following my surgery, I was given an opportunity to get additional physical therapy exercises through IncludeHealth. I completed each set of exercises twice a day in addition to my twice-weekly PT appointments. My therapist could log in to see my progress and add more exercises as I improved. Using IncludeHealth truly helped to speed my post-surgical recovery.”

Donna L.
Joint Replacement

“We believe IncludeHealth is the most comprehensive platform to deliver consistent on-site and virtual physical therapy to orthopedic patients. This technology ensures that we provide the highest quality rehabilitative care and preserves our patient-provider relationships well beyond the walls of the clinic."

Patrick Murray
Director of Rehabilitation Services
The Christ Hospital

Unlock New Opportunities

With our platform, you’ll gain access to a variety of new revenue streams and proactive care opportunities, including remote therapeutic monitoring, value-based care, prevention and wellness programs, fall risk assessments, digital front door, and more. Learn more below.

A mobile phone, laptop and tablet feature screens from the MSK-OS from IncludeHealth

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Deliver a fee-for-service program to remotely monitor patients in-between visits.

Value-Based Care

Become a preferred partner for health plans or employers to effectively manage MSK costs across a population.

Beyond Episodic

Extend services to include prevention, wellness, and marketing programs.

Digital MSK Platform Capabilities

  • HIPAA-Compliant and FDA-Registered

    Extend your high-quality care into patients’ homes with a secure and medical-grade platform.

  • Objective Adherence and Outcomes Data

    Leverage computer vision technology to deliver accessible, measured care on any device with a front-facing camera and browser. No downloads, sensors, or passwords needed.

  • Automated Outcomes and Billing Reports

    Streamline your analysis of outcomes and claims processing with automated reporting.

  • Engagement Reminders

    Enhance adherence and strengthen connectivity with automated text and email-based communications.

  • Comprehensive Library

    Access motion-tracked exercises, functional tests, patient-reported outcomes measures, and a 5000+ HEP to create personalized care plans.

  • EMR Integration

    Efficiently integrate with over 70 EMR systems, ensuring seamless workflows and effortless data transfers.

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Hybrid Care Made Easy

Our platform utilizes computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you deliver personalized, remote MSK care plans quickly and easily.


Choose from existing protocols or build your own remote plans with a couple clicks.


Patients automatically receive a welcome text and email to access their  personalized plan.


Powered by computer vision, patients receive real-time feedback with objective data collection.


Automated documentation to assess performance, update plans, and bill accordingly.

A mobile phone, laptop and tablet feature screens from the MSK-OS from IncludeHealth

Deliver Interactive Care—Anywhere, Anytime

Go beyond printouts and videos with our computer vision-powered platform. It provides personalized plans, real-time feedback, and precise performance metrics, ensuring an engaging and highly effective care experience.

Boost engagement rates to over 80% with our intuitive platform, compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Patients can access care easily without the hassle of sensors, passwords, or downloads.

Discover how our innovative platform can transform your practice, improve patient outcomes, and drive growth. Schedule a demo today.