Fusing design with technology to lower the barriers of care.

Our Story

Including everyone in the journey to accessible care.

The IncludeHealth story began with a powerful observation: Inclusive design and exceptional technology can help everyone get access to the care they deserve. From our early days designing the world’s first accessible & connected functional trainer—to our current pursuit of integrated digital MSK care—we design technologies that put people first.

An illustration of three people in pain that may be helped by IncludeHealth's MSK-OS.

Why we are here

Tackling the biggest problems in MSK care

Patients deserve convenient, engaging, cost-effective care that works. Not a fragmented and broken system. We’re passionate about supporting providers and payers in delivering seamless, integrated care. Instead of disrupting the healthcare system, we’re empowering it.

Our Platform

Seamless delivery of onsite and remote care

IncludeHealth’s MSK-OS™ is designed to deliver personalized, measured care on any device, at any location, at any time. We support providers with integrating the MSK-OS™ into existing care pathways and clinical practices.

Illustrated diagram of IncludeHealth Network

Meet the team

We are a passionate group of designers, technologists, operators and clinicians with a mission to make MSK more accessible.