What is Virtual Physical Therapy?

With virtual physical therapy, patients access high quality musculoskeletal care with personalized exercises, real-time feedback, and the guidance of licensed therapists anywhere and at any time using their own devices.

What we provide

Personalized, measured care anywhere, anytime and at a fraction of the cost.

No sensors, downloads, or portals required.

Dedicated physical therapist

Personalized care plans

Measured exercise sessions

Unlimited secure messaging

Adherence and outcomes reports


Per Engaged Patient

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Easy Setup, Easier Access


We reach out to patients via text or phone to schedule a video call evaluation with a dedicated physical therapist.


Our physical therapists then create a tailored, interactive care plan for patients to complete at home and on their own time.


Patient progress is shared with their physical therapist to update their plans and help them on their road to recovery.

A mobile phone, laptop and tablet feature screens from the MSK-OS from IncludeHealth

Superior technology, lower costs & better engagement

Our proprietary computer vision technology sets IncludeHealth apart, offering real-time feedback and adjustments that outpace traditional and sensor-based MSK solutions. More importantly, it's easier to use, so patients use it and like it!

IncludeHealth Virtual PT

  • Partner with MSK MDs

  • No sensors

  • Runs on any device

  • Paired with Physical Therapists

  • <$500 for 3 months of care

Other “Virtual PT” Offerings

  • Circumvent MSK MDs

  • Cumbersome sensors

  • Require specific devices

  • Often paired with Health Coaches

  • $1,000 for 3 months

A mobile phone, laptop and tablet feature screens from the MSK-OS from IncludeHealth

Who We Partner With


Care Navigators leverage our Virtual PT platform to guide patients to a low cost, easily accessible, engaging MSK solution.

Health Plans

Administrators use our Virtual PT and Outcomes Collection solutions to streamline population health management with consistent care delivery and actionable data.

Orthopedic Practices & Health Systems

Organizations seamlessly integrate our physician-led virtual MSK solution into their clinical ecosystem, improving access to care and optimizing engagement.

Patient Testimonies

“Excellent program, truly helped my arm, loved being able to do it at home.”

“The program was very convenient, easy, and I didn’t have to leave my house! I feel that I recovered a lot quicker with this program.”

“I had a great experience with this program. My virtual PT had been so helpful and progressed my plan of care based on my pain levels and tolerance.  He responded to my queries quickly.

“IncludeHealth has been incredible.  It gives me back quite a bit of time in my day and my therapist was very good at modifying the program for me as a progressed.”