Patient interacting with IncludeHealth Digital MSK platform, demonstrating AI and computer vision in action, featuring IncludeHealth and Vercel AI Accelerator logos.

IncludeHealth, a digital health technology leader, was recently accepted into the esteemed Vercel AI Accelerator program. The company distinguished itself from a pool of more than 1,500 applicants, securing a place within the top 3% of the program's participants. This significant accomplishment underscores IncludeHealth’s commitment to innovation and leadership in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to advance the future of healthcare.

The Vercel AI Accelerator is a prestigious initiative that fosters growth and innovation among the most promising AI companies. This program offers an opportunity for innovative companies to solve complex problems and contribute to diverse fields, ranging from cancer detection to transforming academic research to advancing health tech. Participants in their AI Accelerator program will gain access to resources and benefits valued at over $850k, opening new opportunities for collaboration and growth.

IncludeHealth's acceptance into the Vercel AI Accelerator is a testament to its remarkable advances with AI through its innovative digital platform for musculoskeletal (MSK) care. This achievement, combined with an impressive record of over 40 industry and health innovation awards, signals a promising future for IncludeHealth within the AI-driven health technology landscape.

Ryan Eder, CEO of IncludeHealth, expressed his optimism about the opportunity. "We're thrilled to be one of the few selected companies to participate in Vercel's AI Accelerator. AI has vast potential and multiple applications to drive access, efficiency and efficacy in musculoskeletal care and we look forward to further bolstering our advancements through this program.”

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Patient Care and Outcomes

IncludeHealth’s digital MSK platform exemplifies the company's innovative use of artificial intelligence to enhance care for musculoskeletal conditions. The platform leverages AI, machine learning, and computer vision technologies to enable a hybrid care model—a seamless and efficient blend of onsite and remote healthcare services.

At the heart of this model is computer vision, which allows for anytime, anywhere access and accurately tracks and analyzes patient movements during their home exercises—without requiring sensors. This technology equips healthcare providers with vital data and insights, enabling them to tailor, implement, and optimize treatment plans in response to each patient's unique needs. It also facilitates early detection of potential issues, allowing for rapid adjustments to treatment strategies.

The platform's capabilities have led to a patient adherence rate exceeding 80 percent for remote care plans—an achievement that translates to improved health outcomes. This success is largely attributed to the platform's user-friendly nature, allowing healthcare providers to easily extend their high-quality care into patients' homes through interactive, measured programs. Patients can easily access guided programs on their laptops, tablets, or mobile devices without additional downloads or passwords.

Through its effective use of AI and computer vision, IncludeHealth is not only reshaping how care is delivered—it's also empowering providers in their pursuit of superior patient outcomes. By facilitating seamless hybrid care and equipping providers with advanced AI tools for effective care delivery, IncludeHealth is at the forefront of transforming the landscape of musculoskeletal care.

IncludeHealth: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare Technology

IncludeHealth’s admission into the Vercel AI Accelerator program heralds a promising future not only for the company, but for AI-driven health technology as a whole. As the AI landscape continues to evolve, IncludeHealth is poised to lead the charge, breaking new ground and fostering the seamless integration of technology and healthcare.

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